Original and Special Interest Productions with Victory Video

If you have an original idea for a production, or a new angle on something that’s been done before, then you’re on the right page! The key point is that you want to get it out there and sell it! Once it is established there might be a new income stream from the growing rental market for Special Interest DVDs (aka SIVs), e.g. U.S. based Smartflix. So this page is dedicated to those who want to make money from video!
It may be that the DVD is aimed at promoting a new product, or maybe the DVD is the product. Maybe together we can get things moving, discussing your novel ideas in confidence, and organising all that is needed to create a professional production. Typically the DVD will be a combination of information and instruction. The range of potential subjects is wide, from hobbies to professional studies, and with or without associated materials, such as course books, or sign-up web seminars.
Throughout we will have to look at the bottom line, i.e. how much expense can be justified relative to the potential sales, taking into account not only production (which may include scripts, presenters and voice over artistes) but also packaging, advertising and marketing costs. So, from the start we think ahead and stay realistic. Amongst other things, this involves looking at distribution, perhaps by targeting stores, web distributors or SIV specialists like Quantum Leap.
Some projects may be very well worth doing, but address a niche market. Even then, the market might be bigger in a different country, which will affect how the project is approached, e.g. whether to have voice overs and presenters in a number of languages.

Nigel Cooper has a very useful series of articles about the world of SIV production on his site. It looks like the intention was to have a series of 21 articles, although I can only find six. Maybe it will be Nigel’s next book or DVD publication! The only comment I would add is that expectations of quality are now much higher than they were in 2005 when he wrote the articles, so camcorder hobbyist productions are unlikely to have wide appeal. No harm starting there, however, as your “pilot” prior to discussing the viability of a more ambitious scheme.
Obviously some projects can be completed on a modest budgets whereas others need a greater investment, and the involvement of well-known "faces" can make all the difference in gaining exposure and therefore sales. It is important to note that some ideas may sound very enticing but hold very little opportunity to make money, and may saddle you with a hefty loss. We will try to advise if we think this is the case - so unless you have a wealthy guaranteed backer, you may decide to walk away, or at least to re-think! For example, there are lots of fitness and self-improvement videos out there, so to gain a market any new production has to have a truly novel idea, probably a celebrity endorser, and a sound marketing strategy involving TV advertorial features, etc.

This was certainly the case with "the Bricky" where Tommy Walsh's endorsement made a huge difference and still helps push the sales.
Conversely, some projects are worth doing for their own sake, even though the best projection is break-even!

The key here is to do it well, but keep the costs down! This involves calling in some favours, and getting people and products at low cost, ideally free or on an “exchange” basis. And you never know, that low-key project might be valuable in the future - or the first in a series, as you gradually become an authority on your subject!

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