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Your Act on Video

Performers - unlike children - need to be both seen and heard, and video, whether via distribution on DVD or on the Web is a powerful way of getting the best of your act seen by a large audience, or a small but influential one - agents, producers, etc. This is as true for actors as musicians, in fact anyone with a performance to sell, modern, classical or avant-garde. We have met many people who have come to us after wasting their time and effort on cheap productions which do nothing for their ambitions, because even a mother couldn't love them!

Make a Video for the Internet.

Bands, musicians, and even comedians are now building up fan bases via web video before breaking into the mainstream music or theatrical business of tours, residencies and and recording deals.

Even if your ambitions are currently more modest, a video showreel on DVD of your performance is increasingly a necessity for getting bookings - sample DVDs given away at gigs are part of building up a live fan base - which ultimately is what influences the A&R people. It is also very useful in analysing and refining your act, since every major element - sound, stage presence, dress, set design, sound mix and audience responses - is there. The thinking and planning that goes into making a video is invaluable experience for the aspiring entertainer, and the end-product is part of their achievement and history.

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Professionally Made Video

If you are planning to go places it's worth having your video made professionally, so that it's properly filmed, edited and finished in a way that encourages people to watch it and remember your name - Fame, I'm gonna live forever, you know the song! And video can be quite affordable so let's see what we can work out. This also applies to stage shows and school plays, worth recording in their own right, but also part of the development of serious actors and performers. The usual arrangement relies on a guaranteed minimum sell-through allowing a very reasonable price per boxed copy of typically £12 to £15. This can often generate a good profit for the school or company. Incidentally, we can also put together showreels based on a variety of original material, or shoot a new one from scratch.

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Promotional Video Working for You Night & Day!

Victory Video has also made several promotional videos for night clubs, dance venues, agents and promoters, and the resulting DVDs are still working to provide background atmosphere and to get people to the next gig!

If you CLICK HERE or on the image you can see a recent live recording of a salsa band in concert in London. This particular clip is on Veoh, and of course this and an increasing number of video-upload sites can get your talent seen internationally in a very short space of time.

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