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The Problem: We believe we have great products and give excellent service, but we need more sales, and advertising costs are a real killer. How can we get what we do in front of more people in a powerful and persuasive way, and using a method we can afford?

The Solution? A well planned video campaign can address all of these issues and more. Independent market research shows that a well made video works and keeps on working for you. Here's our Top Ten of the advantages of video for business:
1. Let's say it again - video works! This holds true whether you are a retailer, or provide a service, whether in the public sector (such as a university or council department) or as a private concern.
2. The same or different versions can be on your web site, on promotional DVDs, on mobile devices from phones to the i-pad, on a loop at a trade show, on TV, e.g. as a Shopping Channel advertorial, or even at your local cinema.
3. Most people like TV and movies, and if they are well made they engage people at an emotional level as well as imparting information. If your site has an easily accessed web video and your competitor in the search doesn't, chances are they'll click through to you.
4. This alone keeps visitors on your web page for longer and encourages them to look at your other content.
5. Well made video is powerful and persuasive. With the addition of eye-catching graphics, persuasive presenting talent, a voice over with just the right feel, and accompanying music to drive things along, you could be on to a winner. You can say a lot in a short space and include a call to action, with all your contact details right there on screen 24 hours a day, worldwide!

Professionally Made Video

I believe it is crucial to build a relationship with my client so that I can represent his or her business in a positive manner that works in creating new potential customers.

6 . Video is re-usable and updatable. You probably don’t have to start from scratch because you have a new product, logo or premises. You can incorporate new material to enhance what you already have and keep things fresh and relevant at low cost.
7. The process of planning, making and displaying a company video helps businesses focus on their own assets and development. It also tends to make them more customer-focused, especially if they use video testimonials. After all these people don’t have to take part, so they must find your services or products exceptional. How can you maintain and build on that? It follows that video is best conceived of as part of a corporate developmental as well as promotional process.
8 . The process if making the video generally involves staff at a number of levels and therefore has the side benefit of increased knowledge and involvement in the company’s product as and business strategy.
9. This type of project can also feed into the company’s staff training and development programme, e.g. compliance, health and safety - not only have you provided training but you have left a constantly accessible record of it, saving you time and money on expensive repeat visits, while leaving no area of doubt as to compliance/fulfillment prior to sign-off.
10. OK there's a fair bit of work to be done - but people love taking part in creating a video and can't wait to see it "go to work"!


The Stages of Producing a Corporate Video
1. Seeing the need as a part of an overall plan. Researching what similar companies, especially your competitors are doing to gain an edge. Selecting potential suppliers.
2. Pre-production. All of the planning from concept through treatments, scripts, locations, and storyboarding that provide the backbone of the project. This is also where you save time and money rather than trying to improvise as you go as long. At this stage we can establish what materials you already have and might want to re-use. If necessary we can incorporate on-site or product photography as part of the package. We can agree costs, materials, timescales and deliverables by means of a contract that is clear and fair to both parties. The basic components of a corporate video are: INFORM; DEMONSTRATE; PERSUADE.
3. Production. This brings together creating each scene (including establishing shots and signage, interior and exterior that will make plain who is where at particular points), direction, talent (presenters, actors, your own people), lighting, audio and video to get the rushes for the edit.
4. Post-production. Capturing and logging all of the rushes, first (rough) edit through to final signed off edit containing all of the additional materials, music, graphics, voice over, effects, transferred to the media (tape, DVD, web video, etc.) as agreed.
5. If you have a lot of video content and a large amount of traffic you will probably benefit from using an external media streaming service, but these days this can be achieved at a reasonable rate, while guaranteeing that users can always access your materials. There’s nothing worse than finding either the link doesn’t work or that the video takes an age to start and then stutters on at low quality – and all of this is easily avoidable.
These are the most usual types of business-related productions we are asked to undertake:



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