Victory Video: Special Events, Awards and Celebrations

Special events come in many shapes and sizes, but often involve acknowledgement of someone's achievement in their personal or professional life. The setting might be a company party, a special event to honour a particular person or group, a birthday or engagement party, a Christening or Communion, a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah (please CLICK to view a short video sample), a formal presentation, an awards ceremony, a graduation ceremony, or an Armed Forces or Police passing-out parade. Whatever the venue, the guest/s of honour will treasure the record of this special occasion on DVD. We take great care to record events discreetly, maintaining a pleasant and convivial atmosphere. We can be relied upon to be even more discreet where the guest (otherwise known, in some circles, as "the victim") is in for a surprise!

We have on occasions filmed funerals, usually because key people were unable to attend to say their farewells to someone special in their lives.

We also have experience in covering a variety of sporting events, occasionally as single camera productions, more often as a multi-camera shoot with output to DVD and web video (excerpts). This link takes you to a short intro to a kick boxing event video.

So, if you are currently planning an event of this nature, don't forget the video!

Tequila! But where's the lemon?! (Video)                                                             Another! (Video)

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