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Studio Camera Victory Video provides comprehensive video production services aimed at events, weddings and celebrations, corporate video, business promotion and in-house training, including seminars and conferences for schools and public services, and video showcases for musicians and performers.

We are based in Essex, close to London, and are fully equipped to film and edit in Standard or High Definition, with output to DVD, Blu-Ray and web video in one or more of a range of formats. We can also convert your material from VHS, S-VHS, Video 8 and HI-8, and a variety of less common formats, and re-edit if required. At present we predominantly shoot on the JVC HM-700 with a Canon 14x HD lens, and edit with an Avid Media Composer system. We are experienced in producing business promotion and manufacturing process videos, as well as wedding, engagement and special occasion videos, and a wide variety of corporate, instructional and educational videos.

The common denominators in all these kinds of productions are good planning and high quality throughout the filming and editing processes. There are differences, of course: filming social events is not for the faint-hearted! You have to be able to work under pressure, unobtrusively, anticipating what will happen next, and with no chance for re-takes. Corporate work is more structured with much more time needed to develop the script and storyboard.

Delivery is usually via PAL DVD, with options for usually shorter versions on the web, including Facebook and other social media sites. Companies are increasingly using video together with blogs to maintain awareness and interest in their products and services.

Quality Video for Quality Communication

We firmly believe that video has "come of age". Technical innovations have brought us image and sound quality edging closer each year to film. In many fields where video was once an outside option it is now an essential. Then there's the advances in quality and speed on the Web - you can communicate virtually instantaneously with anyone in the developed world for next to nothing. Businesses, educators and private individuals - indeed anyone who wants to get their message across to a wide audience - are catching on to the combined power of video and the Web.

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We work closely with clients from pre-production to the final edit, and can work to an existing brief or collaborate in creating the structure and content of a project, including helping to arrive at - and work within - a realistic budget. gif animation We can provide or source the talent and resources the production requires: sound, lighting, actors, presenters, voice over artistes, rehearsal space, script-writing and development, storyboards, etc.


Video for Learning and Team Development


Video is a tremendous learning resource, starting with the thinking and planning about the desired message and image, through to the direct and unrivalled feedback from the material itself, and the positive impact that can have for the organization and team members. Therefore video is an important resource for staff development and in any field where staff interact with others face-to-face. As such, our work encompasses video production for public sector services as much as for commercial enterprises. As video production costs fall, we are able to reflect that in our pricing, making the video option, already known for its effectiveness, unmissable.


Additional Video Services


Victory Video also offers a custom video tape to DVD transfer and copying service. Ours is essentially a bespoke service, aimed at individuals, businesses, colleges and trainers, ideal for those local enough to Loughton to drop off and collect their tapes and DVDs, avoiding the hassle, expense and risk of parcelling tapes up for some far-off destination. Since we capture to hard disk and create a timeline in Avid, we are able to enhance the picture quality as far as possible, edit out gaps and damaged portions, and divide the material up into sections with chapter points for easy access. Our base price is �15 for a straight transfer, boxed with a printed face. We can quote for anything else, so please let us know what you require.

We also undertake freelance camera work and editing.
This is an example of some recent work carried out for a well-known newspaper group.

For our latest kit list in printable Word format please click here: Victory Video Kit List.


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Please do get in touch to discuss your project, get a preliminary idea on pricing, and if you wish, to arrange to meet up.

Call us on 020 8923 6068 or 07960 719520.


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